Lesson 1: Introduction

Learn about the driver education program through this introductory lesson.  Learn how to navigate the modules and lessons.

Lesson 2: Your License to Drive

Learn about your license to drive, suspensions, revocations, vehicle inspections and registrations!

Lesson 3: Right-of-Way

Learn about intersections, yielding, turns, the right-of-way, railroad crossings, and overall driving safety.

Lesson 4: Traffic Control Devices

Learn about traffic controls, colors, shapes, signs, signals, pavement markings and hand signals.

Lesson 5: Controlling Traffic Flow

Learn about traffic flow, basic driving situations, blind spots, vehicle lights, freeway driving, dangers of fatigue, breakdowns, roadside emergencies and winter driving.

Lesson 6: Alcohol and Other Drugs

Learn about intoxication, drugs, laws, regulations, and penalties.

Lesson 7: Cooperating with other Roadway Users

Learn about types of drivers, safety, and safety features.

Module 1: Quiz

Test your knowledge from Module 1 with this quiz. You need a passing score of 80% or greater.

After completing all the lessons in Module 1 and the Module 1 Quiz:
After passing the Permit Exam, you will be prompted to request the Permit Certificate (DE-964)
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