Lesson 1: Pre-Drive Tasks

Discuss the tasks that will be completed before driving.  Some of these tasks will be completed outside of the vehicle and some will be completed while you are in the driver seat.

Lesson 2: Occupant Protection

We will discuss the types of restraints and explain how proper use of these devices increase passenger safety.

Lesson 3: Understanding Your Car's Systems

Learn about all the features in and on the vehicle you are driving and familiarize yourself with all comfort and control devices.

Lesson 4: Starting Tasks

You’ve covered the pre-driving tasks and the key is now in the ignition.  In this lesson we cover the tasks that come after.

Lesson 5: Vehicle Operation & Control Tasks

Controlling your vehicle in the HTS requires many skills. Before you can cooperate with other road users, you must first learn to control your vehicle.

Lesson 6: Post-Drive Tasks

In order to secure the vehicle and its contents, you must perform certain basic tasks before exiting the vehicle.

Lesson 7: In-Car Progress Assessment

In this lesson, the student’s progress will be assessed in completing pre-drive and post-drive tasks.

Lesson 8: Driving Plan

Formulate a driving plan incorporating the knowledge and skills from previous modules.

Module 2: Quiz

Test your knowledge from Module 2 with this quiz. You need a passing score of 80% or greater.

After completing all the lessons in Module 2 and the Module 2 Quiz:
  • Concurrent Method users will navigate to the “Behind-the-Wheel” section, located with the list of modules, to begin BTW Module 2.
  • Block Method users will continue to Module 3.

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